What if your past CRUSHES into your present?

“Beautifully and intelligently written, an intriguing tale of courage”    Inge N.

“Hooked from the very first page!” Robert M.

* Multiple 5-star ratings from authoritative reviewers

* A life-changing read for many  readers

Golden Mountains brings ghosttown Rhyolite back to life

“Beijer has given new meaning to history repeats itself”

Author Marcel Beijer HR -picture. (Photo: Maarten Feenstra)

The highly praised novel Golden Mountains by Dutch journalist and writer Marcel Beijer takes partly place in 1990 in The Netherlands and partly in 1907 in Rhyolite.

One day a modern Dutch woman  (Caroline) finds herself back in the booming city of Rhyolite in 1907  and befriends a young prostitute. This friendship changes both their lives. Until a high-profile murder is committed…

In the book Beijer gives new meaning to ‘history repeats itself’. He brings back the life of this lost city and its inhabitants. Based on true facts.

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