The selection committee of the American book site All Authors has nominated the cover of Golden Mountains for Cover of the Month.

Golden Mountains is the American translation of the novel Golden Mountains by Marcel Beijer. The book is set partly in Almere in 1990 and partly in the desert town of Rhyolite in Death Valley in 1907 that now is a ghost town. The cover of the book shows Bella Moon’s memorial site in Rhyolite, one of the main characters in the novel.
Here I tell something about the cover of the book.

The American translation of Golden Mountains will be published in 2022.

Cover Golden Mountains nominated

With the nomination, Golden Moutains competes for the title.
Until July 7, readers will have the chance to choose a favorite cover.
The 100 most favorite covers go through to the second round.


Honestly? I think the cover of Golden Mountains is the most beautiful that comes with it.
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